Code of Student Conduct

The mission of Nicholls State University extends beyond instruction and requires that the University maintain and improve programs which support and encourage the development of good character and responsible citizenship.

To this end the University expects its students and all members of the University community to respect the rights of others, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. These rights include: the right to due process of law, the right to individual dignity, the right to property, the right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, the right of assembly and petition, the right to vote, and freedom from discrimination. In respecting the dignity of all persons, the University condemns hate speech, as well as epithets and slurs based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, etc.

The University expects all students to obey all federal, state and local laws, as well as properly constituted University authority, to fulfill contractual obligations, to maintain absolute integrity and a high standard of individual honor in academic work, and to interact and communicate with others in a respectful and civil manner

Download: Code of Student Conduct Handbook (pdf)